Apple’s iPhone 6: price and specifications (unnoficial)

iPhone 6 rumors

iPhone 6’s launch is just days away, but various companies are already allowing their customers to preorder the device. That’s the case with China Telecom and China Mobile, two companies that teased the device to their loyal customers. What’s interesting though is that on China Telecom’s website there is plenty information about the iPhone 6. The images seem to present a smartphone with the same design found in latest iPhone 6 leaked. The smartphone has curved edges, redesigned buttons and a larger display. Just like iPhone 5S, we may have 3 colors to chose from when we buy it: black, gold and silver.

The battery that can be charged in just 26 seconds


The Kickstarter portal probably brought lots of dollars to its founders, but it also created the perfect environment for inventors to get the necessary funding for their projects. One of Kickstarter’s users is Shawn West, and he says that he created the perfect battery: it can be charged in just 26 seconds. This type of battery could replace normal batteries like AA, AAA, C and D.

In addition, Shawn says that his invention could revolutionize mobile phones and I have to agree with that. The smartphone industry really needs devices with longer life per charge.

How much storage is needed to digitally save a human being?

digital brain

Last week I had the pleasure of watching Transcendence, a sci-fi movie that started from a great idea but failed sublimely on delivery. It reminded me of a book that I read when I was younger – “The Shaddows” by John Saul and it also reminded me of a movie I saw few months ago – “Her“. In fact, I think it’s sort of a combination of both, just like Edge of Tomorrow is a mix between “Groundhog Day” and “Starship Troopers”. But getting back on topic, in Transcendence, a scientist’s imminent death convince him to try to cheat the unavoidable finish line and to transfer his mind into a computer. This very idea sparkled a question in my mind: how much storage would such an operation need? Further than that, how much storage will be needed in order to save the information on a human being?

Communication technology and services for organizations

pri featured

The other day, I visited a large corporation in my city, and I noticed few interesting things about the way my friend that worked there and his colleagues communicate in order to achieve their goals and to finish the projects they are involved in. My first guess was that besides the Internet wires, they needed telephone wires and additional wires for the intranet to sustain all the possible ways of communication. Later, my friend told me that most organizations use special services that combines all their needs into a single line, thus reducing the costs and improving the performances. So, I thought it would be a great idea to write an article about it here…

The first poster of Legend of Conan: the movie

Legend of Conan premiere

Ever since Arnold Schwarzenegger ended his political career and returned to movies, we have seen him involved in various projects. So, besides the new movies, the famous actor revived some of the characters that made him famous over the years. A third Conan movie was teased for some time now, but we never seen an official release… until now. Today, a first photoshopped poster tumbles on the web, depicting a close-up with an older Conan and his famous sword.

Reasons to buy the HTC One M8 or the Samsung Galaxy S5


This article is not a comparison but rather a tutorial to help you decide on which of these smartphone is better. Before getting into additional details and features, I should mention that deciding which smartphone is better depends only on your needs. Both devices have pros and cons and there is no way to pick the ultimate winner.

NASA: growing plants in space is now possible

nasa grow vegetables in space

Let’s face it: astronauts are enduring harsh conditions in order to perform their duty. I’m not talking only about the solitude of being in space for months and the hazardous situations they face every day, but also about what they eat and how they keep their body in great shape. As you may know, there is not much room for fresh food in space and usual meals include dehydrated macaroni, cheese and eggs, processed foods and dehydrated fruits. Now, NASA announced that they are experimenting with a new type of greenhouse that will allow astronauts to grow their own veggies at hundreds of miles away from our planet.

Future Technology Trends: 2015

Tesla Model S

Following last year’s article on future technology trends, I decided to reiterate the invitation to peek into the near future and to see what are the best bets in terms of technology.

There are many interesting projects to look for next year, but I will focus on things that are of great importance to us, things that we use in our daily life, things that could change our life for the better in the years to come.

iOS 7.1 is out: major improvements for iPhone 4 and 4s

ios 7.1 lockscreen

Apple just rolled out their latest iOS 7.1 update, and I’ve just had the pleasure of testing it on my old iPhone 4S. In the past, there was a real conspiracy regarding these updates, and many users stated that Apple was deliberately making new versions of the iOS run slower on older device just to “convince” the users to upgrade their devices. For a long period of time I agreed with this theory, but the iOS 7.1 update just clear Apple’s name in my case. I’m not sure if it has something to do with the Android KitKat release, but iOS 7.1 brought a new life to my phone. I was actually considering an upgrade to iPhone 5 or 5s, but after this update I think I’m going to stick with my old iPhone 4S for a while. Let’s see what’s new here…

Top casino apps for your Android tablet


Having access to the Internet means that we can go everywhere, even to Las Vegas. I’m not talking about a virtual tour but rather about a way to bring Vegas on your smartphone. There are many reasons one should have at least one casino app installed on his tablet or smartphone. First, these kind of apps help people relax after a long hard day at work or during a lazy weekend. Second, you will train your brain to think more and stay focused while you calculate the probabilities and possibilities of the games. Third, you’ll probably have tons of fun with most of these apps. So, let’s start with my all time favorite casino app: