The eruption of a large volcano is imminent

Scientists warns about a possible natural phenomenon with large implications. Campi Flegrei is a large volcano located near Naples. It erupted the last time hundreds of years ago. However, lately, the researchers have detected a series of small earthquakes that occur here, caused by the inner magma movement.

With ExoMars 2016, the understanding of Mars has made an unprecedented leap

The ExoMars mission in 2016 will soon experience a turning point. Indeed, Wednesday, October 19, the Schiaparelli capsule will land on the Red Planet. As for the satellite TGO, it will fit into the orbit of Mars to study its atmosphere. Franck Montmessin, CNRS research director at the laboratory atmospheres, backgrounds, space observations (Latmos), explains the scientific challenges of this mission. The ExoMars mission is among the most ambitious ever undertaken on the Red Planet. Its order to seek traces of past or present life. ESA offers us a video preview of this mission that proves exciting.

How to fix Kodi – Red mute icon on the top right corner of the screen

I am using a CuBox i4Pro running Open Elec with Kodi for a while now and I am truly happy with this little miraculous device. If you manage to add the proper repositories, it adds the full power of the Internet at your fingertip. I can also control it with my TV remote, which is definitely a nice surprise. But somehow, I managed to screw with the options and I activated the mute function, for good…

Which is the cheapest smartphone in the world? The answer lies in India

An obscure company from India has managed the impossible: they have created a smartphone that is priced at $4. Yes, you read it correctly, that’s four US dollars for a smartphone with interesting features. The company is called Ringing Bells and their product is called Freedom 251. This could be a major breakthrough for India, offering the possibility for poor areas to connect with the world.

How to resolve the issue of water wastage

Minimising wastage is a must for businesses in today’s competitive marketplace and, as part of your efforts to increase efficiency in your firm, you might want to resolve the issue of water overuse. Cutting your consumption of this precious resource could help you to cut your bills and boost your bottom line. It’s worth noting that by 2030, demand for water around the world is predicted to increase to around 40 per cent above the level of current supply. This could have major implications both for the environment and your company’s costs. Here, we take a look at some effective ways to reduce business water use.

Is your telecommunications company prepared for a power outage?

More than many other companies, telecommunications firms are reliant on having an uninterrupted supply of electricity. If the power to your premises was suddenly cut, your business may instantly be rendered incapable of functioning. For every minute in the dark without access to critical systems and technologies, your organisation could lose many thousands of pounds. On top of this, you risk suffering major and long-lasting reputational damage. After all, customers demand a reliable round-the-clock service from their telecommunications providers. With this in mind, it’s important to ask yourself if your company is prepared for possible power outages. If it isn’t, now is the time to take action.

How to reduce risk in a laboratory environment

Containing a range of potentially harmful substances and dangerous equipment, laboratories are inherently hazardous places. This means that in order to minimise risks to workers, organisations must stick to strict safety procedures. This brief guide covers the basics of danger management in lab environments.

Rooting your Galaxy S5 and installing CyanogenMod 12. Is it worth it?

In the midst of the Galaxy S6 release date and the emerge of S6 Edge, a lot of geeks like me could decid to bring fresh blood to their Galaxy S5 smartphone, since the last Android Lollipop update brought out the good and the worse of this device. For me, the “upgrade” to a cyanogenmod environment was necessary, since I couldn’t keep up with the moods of my device. Running on the stock ROM, it was laggy as hell, virtually freezing for tens of seconds, especially when I was using the keyboard in various apps. So, I decided to install CyanogenMod CM12. Is it worth it? Let me give you the pros and the cons.

The new Microsoft browser that will end IE

The story of Internet Explorer is coming to an end. Back in 1995, a revolutionary operating system took over the world, reshaping the way we interacted with computers. I’m talking about the Windows 95, an OS that represents a milestone in the history of computers. Along with it, Microsoft launched Internet Explorer 1.0, an application that allowed the user to interact with the outer world via Internet. Ever since,  things have evolved. A lot. Nowadays, although IE is the third most popular browser,  it is regarded as an outdated application that couldn’t keep up with the trends. The best thing I can say about it is that IE is the perfect solution if you want to download a great Internet browser like Mozilla or Chrome. It’s a sad joke, I know.

How to install Android 5.0 on Samsung Galaxy S5 [tutorial]

With all the frenzy surrounding the release of Android 5.0 on various top-notch devices, everyone seems to talk about this huge Android upgrade. If you own a Samsung Galaxy S5 then you are probably really frustrated because the firmware update is available only in Polland and South Korea so far, only for SM-G900F Galaxy S5 version respectively for the SM-G900K version. I’ve been in your shoes and I know that the waiting game can ruin all the fun, and you’ll end up really angry and frustrated by the time the official update will be available in your country. So, why wait for it when you can have it right now? Here’s a short tutorial that will guide you through all the steps you need to endure in order to install Android 5.0 on Samsung Galaxy S5. The method is proof-tested by myself and if you go through all these steps you will end up with a Galaxy S5 running Android 5.0