NASA: growing plants in space is now possible

nasa grow vegetables in space

Let’s face it: astronauts are enduring harsh conditions in order to perform their duty. I’m not talking only about the solitude of being in space for months and the hazardous situations they face every day, but also about what they eat and how they keep their body in great shape. As you may know, there is not much room for fresh food in space and usual meals include dehydrated macaroni, cheese and eggs, processed foods and dehydrated fruits. Now, NASA announced that they are experimenting with a new type of greenhouse that will allow astronauts to grow their own veggies at hundreds of miles away from our planet.

Future Technology Trends: 2015

Tesla Model S

Following last year’s article on future technology trends, I decided to reiterate the invitation to peek into the near future and to see what are the best bets in terms of technology.

There are many interesting projects to look for next year, but I will focus on things that are of great importance to us, things that we use in our daily life, things that could change our life for the better in the years to come.

iOS 7.1 is out: major improvements for iPhone 4 and 4s

ios 7.1 lockscreen

Apple just rolled out their latest iOS 7.1 update, and I’ve just had the pleasure of testing it on my old iPhone 4S. In the past, there was a real conspiracy regarding these updates, and many users stated that Apple was deliberately making new versions of the iOS run slower on older device just to “convince” the users to upgrade their devices. For a long period of time I agreed with this theory, but the iOS 7.1 update just clear Apple’s name in my case. I’m not sure if it has something to do with the Android KitKat release, but iOS 7.1 brought a new life to my phone. I was actually considering an upgrade to iPhone 5 or 5s, but after this update I think I’m going to stick with my old iPhone 4S for a while. Let’s see what’s new here…

Top casino apps for your Android tablet


Having access to the Internet means that we can go everywhere, even to Las Vegas. I’m not talking about a virtual tour but rather about a way to bring Vegas on your smartphone. There are many reasons one should have at least one casino app installed on his tablet or smartphone. First, these kind of apps help people relax after a long hard day at work or during a lazy weekend. Second, you will train your brain to think more and stay focused while you calculate the probabilities and possibilities of the games. Third, you’ll probably have tons of fun with most of these apps. So, let’s start with my all time favorite casino app:

WhatsApp will feature free phone calls


WhatsApp, one of the most notorious chat apps in the world was just acquired by Facebook for $19 billion. If the news is right, we’ll have a new feature soon: WhatsApp free calls in the second quarter of 2014. The application is getting close competition from Viber, another chat and voice app that was recently bought by the Japanese group called Rakuten.

Facebook has bought the app this Wednesday for $ 19 billion in stock and cash and it hopes to double the number of WhatsApp users in the near future.

The rise and fall of Kodak: a short study

Kodak Logo

We all know about Kodak. We’ve all used a Kodak camera at one point or another in time. But what few of us realize is that this once profitable and thriving company is now barely struggling to stay afloat. This may come as no surprise for most of us, as there have been no recent sightings of Kodak products in stores, professional magazines or simply in client’s requests. The truth of the matter is that nobody is using this historical brand any more, thus leading the company to stop production altogether. Being in the situation to file for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in the first quarter of 2012, the Kodak group and entire trademark was slowly but surely heading down. At the end of 2013, its managers successfully achieved the unbelievable task of emerging from bankruptcy after having shed a large part of their legacy liabilities and having renounced at several of the brand’s businesses. In 2013, Kodak sold most of its precious patents for the impressive amount of $525,000,000 to a series of well-known companies such as Apple, Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Amazon, Adobe Systems, Samsung and HTC.

Now it’s possible to 3D print your baby before birth


3D technology has evolved way beyond its original purpose and scientists have developed ways to print even human organs. It’s obviously that it has no limit, and there are companies that will think of unbelievable ways to make some money from it. For example a company called 3D Babies is selling custom 3D prints of your future baby!

The service is based on the famous 3D ultrasound scan that offers a 3D perspective for parents for quite some time now. With the new 3D technology, parents are able to “hold their printed baby” before his birth. I know, it sounds awkward (and maybe it is), but it’s all about science and shapes.

What to Expect From Android in 2014

Sony Xperia Z2 Avatar

We’ve just entered a new year and we are ready to anticipate the new technology trends of 2014. It is a time to start looking forward to what the New Year will bring. For those that are looking for a new smartphone, there will be plenty of options to choose from. The manufacturers of the phones are trying to come up with the newest and greatest device that will capture the eyes of the customers. Android phone users are also excited about the smartphones of 20014, and they started the buzz on the Internet regarding these new gadgets. Now, it is time to look at what new Android phones will be unveiled in 2014 along with their features and specifications.

The best interfaces for a home recording studio

Akai Professional EIE USB Audio Recording Interface with Integrated USB Hub

Making music is not as difficult as it once was. Musical equipment is much more affordable these days and most importantly, it’s really easy to procure. If you plan to build your own music studio, you need to know which type of equipment you need to buy. Setting your budget is an important piece, since most aspiring musicians have low finances. So, before going into the actual list and presenting you with the best interfaces for a home recording studio, I thought it would be a good idea to go over the complete equipment needed for your setup.

iPhone 6 could have a new name and interesting features


There is a buzz in the blogosphere regarding the upcoming Apple smartphone. We are 9 months away from the release of the next Apple device, the iPhone 6. But many voices state that we may be in for a big surprise. Before going all crazy with the speculations, let’s study the facts. Ever since it released the first iPhone, Apple was a trend setter. Its products were embraced by the users immediately because everyone loves innovation, great products and impeccable design. Although they tried to keep the size of their device to reasonable dimensions, it’s obvious that customers want bigger displays. Oh, and it’s not only that. I love the iPhone, but man… It’s time to update that 8MP camera to at least a 12MP camera. No more playing around with minor improvements and tweaks. We need a camera with more megapixels! Sometimes I think that they hold back this upgrade only to convince us to buy the next iPhone. It’s a known tactic in Apple camp.