Rooting your Galaxy S5 and installing CyanogenMod 12. Is it worth it?


In the midst of the Galaxy S6 release date and the emerge of S6 Edge, a lot of geeks like me could decid to bring fresh blood to their Galaxy S5 smartphone, since the last Android Lollipop update brought out the good and the worse of this device. For me, the “upgrade” to a cyanogenmod environment was necessary, since I couldn’t keep up with the moods of my device. Running on the stock ROM, it was laggy as hell, virtually freezing for tens of seconds, especially when I was using the keyboard in various apps. So, I decided to install CyanogenMod CM12. Is it worth it? Let me give you the pros and the cons.

The new Microsoft browser that will end IE


The story of Internet Explorer is coming to an end. Back in 1995, a revolutionary operating system took over the world, reshaping the way we interacted with computers. I’m talking about the Windows 95, an OS that represents a milestone in the history of computers. Along with it, Microsoft launched Internet Explorer 1.0, an application that allowed the user to interact with the outer world via Internet. Ever since,  things have evolved. A lot. Nowadays, although IE is the third most popular browser,  it is regarded as an outdated application that couldn’t keep up with the trends. The best thing I can say about it is that IE is the perfect solution if you want to download a great Internet browser like Mozilla or Chrome. It’s a sad joke, I know.

How to install Android 5.0 on Samsung Galaxy S5 [tutorial]

Android Galaxy S5

With all the frenzy surrounding the release of Android 5.0 on various top-notch devices, everyone seems to talk about this huge Android upgrade. If you own a Samsung Galaxy S5 then you are probably really frustrated because the firmware update is available only in Polland and South Korea so far, only for SM-G900F Galaxy S5 version respectively for the SM-G900K version. I’ve been in your shoes and I know that the waiting game can ruin all the fun, and you’ll end up really angry and frustrated by the time the official update will be available in your country. So, why wait for it when you can have it right now? Here’s a short tutorial that will guide you through all the steps you need to endure in order to install Android 5.0 on Samsung Galaxy S5. The method is proof-tested by myself and if you go through all these steps you will end up with a Galaxy S5 running Android 5.0

The future of smartphones – predictions

smartphone of the future

The future is here! We are entering a new age of technology, of outstanding devices and affordable gadgets. It’s hard to predict what each smartphone manufacturer will do in the future, but one thing is certain: we’ll witness a hard competition to create devices that have reasonable prices. The main interest will probably be the mid-range smartphone market, where we can expect the average price to drop. According to a study created by International Data Corporation’s Worldwide Quarterly Mobile Phone Tracker (IDC), the price will drop from $297 down to $241 per device. The same study unveiled that emerging markets like India will develop $100 smartphones. In contrast, the price for the flag ship devices will remain in the same price range. This way, customers that want quality could get high specs at an affordable price.

Christopher Nolan’s Interstellar – a space opera spoiler review



Last night, I sat in a theater chair for almost three hours and watched Christopher Nolan’s latest work, Interstellar. Although this movie is an original idea created by Chris and his brother, it has a lot of film-school references and probably the most important one is Stanley Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey (1968).


The general setup

The movie is set in the near future, in an unknown place (probably US) where nothing but corn will grow anymore, where the humanity is doomed to fail and to perish. There are some minor references to time, but judging by the old-fashioned technology used by the characters, it doesn’t look that much into the future. Everything is recognizable. Interstellar begins slowly, introducing Cooper – McConaughey’s character, his family and his farm. To tell you the truth, most of the scenes that took place at the farm reminded me of “Field of Dreams” and “Signs”. Throughout the first 20 minutes of the movie, I was asking myself over and over again how would Nolan send Cooper from a farm into outer space using a story telling that’s not too far fetched. And he did. The transition was boosted by a strange ghost-like phenomenon that was happening in Cooper’s bedroom, a gravity malfunction that allowed them to find NASA’s underground base. There, Cooper learns that there is a bigger plan to save humanity, a plan that involves traveling through a worm hole to a distant galaxy where an exoplanet that could sustain human life may exist, a plan that also includes Cooper (if he’s willing to accept). Michael Cane plays the role of the scientist that created this ambitious project and he (apparently) hopes to solve a gravitaty equation that holds the key to saving human kind (plan B). There is also a plan A that involves colonizing the far-away planet with fertilized eggs. From here on, the space journey begins …

Home Made Spider-Man Webshooter

home made spiderman webshooter

If you combine a fan of comics with an inventor you’ll probably get this guy and his webshooter. This dude took his time to create a real life device that allows him to capture various objects around him. Just watch the following video to see how it works and how he managed to create the webshooter.

Download 1GB in 0.003 seconds. The invention that could speed up the Internet


A group of scientists from Netherlands and US was able to transfer digital information at the speed of 255 terabits per second (Tbps), ie 32 terabytes per second. If you do the math you’ll learn that 255 Tbps is just enough to transfer a 1GB movie in three milliseconds. That’s pretty fast, right? The team of scientists managed to beat the speed record for such a network transfer on a single optical fiber.

So far, the fastest transfer rate achieved in the lab was around 100GB per second, and that is 2550 times slower than the this one. A rate of 255Tbps is similar to the sum of the entire Internet data traffic at peak hours. Scientists have achieved such speed by creating a multi-cores optical fiber. Before this project, it was believed that building such type of fiber would take a lot of time, since the technology was not yet there. But it seems that their research indicates the barrier was overcome and we could expect to enter a new age of the Internet. Scientists at Eindhoven University of Technology and the University of Central Florida have used fiber with 7 individual fiber cores, arranged in a hexagon pattern. Its length was one kilometer.

The best mobile games for iOS 8

Angry Birds HD

Ever since Apple released their new iteration of iOS called (naturally) iOS 8, fans had various opinions on the operating system: some love the new features, some think that it’s becoming more and more like the Android OS. To tell you the truth, I think that over the years, Apple’s iOS changed for the better, and the latest iOS 8 brings some of the best features and design you can possibly think of. I love playing games on my mobile device, so I decided to compile a list with some of the best mobile games you can play on the new iOS 8. I will try to pick games from all genres, starting with sports, adventure and finishing with casino games and mind games.

How to downgrade from iOS 8 to iOS 7


iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus along with the new iOS 8 were just released. Although I can’t say too much about the new Apple smartphones, since I haven’t had the chance to play with them, I thought it would be a great idea to help people that just upgraded to iOS 8 and they are not so happy with it.

Most users have mixed opinions on the latest iOS, and those who doesn’t love it have the chance to perform a downgrade and return to iOS 7.1.2. The iOS8 to iOS7 downgrade option will be available for a short period of time, until Apple will release the digital signature for iOS 7.1.2, which will lead to the impossibility to return to the previous operating system. If you want to downgrade, you should probably hurry, since this option will be available for 2 weeks at most.

Apple’s iPhone 6: price and specifications (unnoficial)

iPhone 6 rumors

iPhone 6’s launch is just days away, but various companies are already allowing their customers to preorder the device. That’s the case with China Telecom and China Mobile, two companies that teased the device to their loyal customers. What’s interesting though is that on China Telecom’s website there is plenty information about the iPhone 6. The images seem to present a smartphone with the same design found in latest iPhone 6 leaked. The smartphone has curved edges, redesigned buttons and a larger display. Just like iPhone 5S, we may have 3 colors to chose from when we buy it: black, gold and silver.