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Home Made Spider-Man Webshooter

home made spiderman webshooter

If you combine a fan of comics with an inventor you’ll probably get this guy and his webshooter. This dude took his time to create a real life device that allows him to capture various objects around him. Just watch the following video to see how it works and how he managed to create the […]

The best interfaces for a home recording studio

Akai Professional EIE USB Audio Recording Interface with Integrated USB Hub

Making music is not as difficult as it once was. Musical equipment is much more affordable these days and most importantly, it’s really easy to procure. If you plan to build your own music studio, you need to know which type of equipment you need to buy. Setting your budget is an important piece, since […]

Terminator 5: a reboot with a new subtitle


I remember the days when I was just a kid and a friend of mine shared a story about a robot that came from the future in order to save a boy. Of course, he was sharing the story seen in Terminator 2, one of the most beloved movies in cinematographic history. But every since […]

Giphoscope: the Analog GIF Player


The other day, while I was browsing the front page of Reddit, I could not miss the fact that GIF images are still popular. No, let me rephrase that, they are really popular. There is something about that 5 second animation that captures our attention. Someone said that GIFs are a “close read to the […]

Parallella: The small supercomputer that costs only $99

Parallella computer

Young computer developers are always motivated to invent new technologies. The folks involved in the Parallella project managed to build an extremely powerful computer that has four more attributes: it’s small, it’s energy efficient, it’s cheap and can be used in parallel computing. These days, building a supercomputer from pieces available on the market is […]

5 Ways to Get Creative with your Old CD’s

Old CD Flower Arrangement

The other day I was cleaning my old room from my mom’s house and I was amazed about how many CDs I found. Sometimes you get lost into job and other businesses that you forget about the good years of your life when you were making mixtape CDs and when the only way to get […]

Why you should consider buying a 3D TV


3D TVs have been on the market for a couple of years now, which means that the initial issues that always plague new technologies have been ironed out and so you can safely make an investment in this type of product without worrying about the quality of its core functions. But why should you consider […]

10 Interesting Music Gadgets for Summer 2013

Bower & Wilkins Nautilus Speakers

It’s mid-Summer 2013 and you are probably just about to let your worries behind, to forget about your daily job and have your summer vacation. I know I am! But no vacation is complete without music. It does not matter if you are a musician or if you just like to listen to music, id […]

Is Wifi signal harmful to human body?

wifi radiation

Living in a world of technology is great, everything is so fast and information is one touch/click away. But, sometimes, it has its drawbacks and it would be stupid not to ask yourself questions like: “is WiFi safe?”. It’s only natural to find the answer to this question by yourself, considering that every smartphone and […]

Best Windows 8 apps

Best apps for Windows 8

As the Windows Store is starting to shape up and build an app library there are some really cool Windows 8 apps that show up and we want to highlight them. Whether you are looking for news apps, photo apps, messenger apps or even movie apps, we have everything covered. This is the list with […]