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With ExoMars 2016, the understanding of Mars has made an unprecedented leap


The ExoMars mission in 2016 will soon experience a turning point. Indeed, Wednesday, October 19, the Schiaparelli capsule will land on the Red Planet. As for the satellite TGO, it will fit into the orbit of Mars to study its atmosphere. Franck Montmessin, CNRS research director at the laboratory atmospheres, backgrounds, space observations (Latmos), explains […]

How to resolve the issue of water wastage


Minimising wastage is a must for businesses in today’s competitive marketplace and, as part of your efforts to increase efficiency in your firm, you might want to resolve the issue of water overuse. Cutting your consumption of this precious resource could help you to cut your bills and boost your bottom line. It’s worth noting […]

How to reduce risk in a laboratory environment

Containing a range of potentially harmful substances and dangerous equipment, laboratories are inherently hazardous places. This means that in order to minimise risks to workers, organisations must stick to strict safety procedures. This brief guide covers the basics of danger management in lab environments.

Christopher Nolan’s Interstellar – a space opera spoiler review


  Last night, I sat in a theater chair for almost three hours and watched Christopher Nolan’s latest work, Interstellar. Although this movie is an original idea created by Chris and his brother, it has a lot of film-school references and probably the most important one is Stanley Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey (1968).   […]

How much storage is needed to digitally save a human being?

digital brain

Last week I had the pleasure of watching Transcendence, a sci-fi movie that started from a great idea but failed sublimely on delivery. It reminded me of a book that I read when I was younger – “The Shaddows” by John Saul and it also reminded me of a movie I saw few months ago […]

NASA: growing plants in space is now possible

nasa grow vegetables in space

Let’s face it: astronauts are enduring harsh conditions in order to perform their duty. I’m not talking only about the solitude of being in space for months and the hazardous situations they face every day, but also about what they eat and how they keep their body in great shape. As you may know, there […]

Liropus minusculus: The new species discovered on Earth

The new species Earth

Tuesday news.  US scientists were able to discover a new species on Earth, a cave dweller that resembles the worms from Men in Black. The minuscule crustacean being is called Liropus minusculus, it has only 0.12 inches and it is compared with the common shrimp because of its bone structure.

Amazing video: The transformation that can change your life

I’m not yet sure what to believe regarding the following video. At first sight, you may think it’s a video about changing the appearance of a homeless person. But once you get to the end of it, you understand that it represents so much more. It’s a story about the tragedies of war, a story […]

A new method to eradicate nosocomial infections in hospitals


One of the main problems in hospitals is to create and maintain a sterile environment that will protect the patients from getting diseases from the contaminated objects around them. These types of infections are called nosocomial infections (urinary and respiratory tract infections, wound infections) and they could become very dangerous to the human body, since […]

Scientists observed how memories are formed in the brain

brain sinapse memory

Once upon a time, the human memory was considered the unique diary that we carry with us until we depart from this world. Now, a team of researchers led by Don Arnold and Richard Roberts at the University of California managed to observe the way this diary is written by our brain. In order to […]