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Is your telecommunications company prepared for a power outage?


More than many other companies, telecommunications firms are reliant on having an uninterrupted supply of electricity. If the power to your premises was suddenly cut, your business may instantly be rendered incapable of functioning. For every minute in the dark without access to critical systems and technologies, your organisation could lose many thousands of pounds. […]

The new Microsoft browser that will end IE


The story of Internet Explorer is coming to an end. Back in 1995, a revolutionary operating system took over the world, reshaping the way we interacted with computers. I’m talking about the Windows 95, an OS that represents a milestone in the history of computers. Along with it, Microsoft launched Internet Explorer 1.0, an application […]

Download 1GB in 0.003 seconds. The invention that could speed up the Internet


A group of scientists from Netherlands and US was able to transfer digital information at the speed of 255 terabits per second (Tbps), ie 32 terabytes per second. If you do the math you’ll learn that 255 Tbps is just enough to transfer a 1GB movie in three milliseconds. That’s pretty fast, right? The team […]

How to downgrade from iOS 8 to iOS 7


iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus along with the new iOS 8 were just released. Although I can’t say too much about the new Apple smartphones, since I haven’t had the chance to play with them, I thought it would be a great idea to help people that just upgraded to iOS 8 and they are […]

The battery that can be charged in just 26 seconds


The Kickstarter portal probably brought lots of dollars to its founders, but it also created the perfect environment for inventors to get the necessary funding for their projects. One of Kickstarter’s users is Shawn West, and he says that he created the perfect battery: it can be charged in just 26 seconds. This type of […]

Communication technology and services for organizations

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The other day, I visited a large corporation in my city, and I noticed few interesting things about the way my friend that worked there and his colleagues communicate in order to achieve their goals and to finish the projects they are involved in. My first guess was that besides the Internet wires, they needed […]

Future Technology Trends: 2015

Tesla Model S

Following last year’s article on future technology trends, I decided to reiterate the invitation to peek into the near future and to see what are the best bets in terms of technology. There are many interesting projects to look for next year, but I will focus on things that are of great importance to us, […]

WhatsApp will feature free phone calls


WhatsApp, one of the most notorious chat apps in the world was just acquired by Facebook for $19 billion. If the news is right, we’ll have a new feature soon: WhatsApp free calls in the second quarter of 2014. The application is getting close competition from Viber, another chat and voice app that was recently […]

The rise and fall of Kodak: a short study

Kodak Logo

We all know about Kodak. We’ve all used a Kodak camera at one point or another in time. But what few of us realize is that this once profitable and thriving company is now barely struggling to stay afloat. This may come as no surprise for most of us, as there have been no recent […]

Now it’s possible to 3D print your baby before birth


3D technology has evolved way beyond its original purpose and scientists have developed ways to print even human organs. It’s obviously that it has no limit, and there are companies that will think of unbelievable ways to make some money from it. For example a company called 3D Babies is selling custom 3D prints of […]