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The best mobile games for iOS 8

Angry Birds HD

Ever since Apple released their new iteration of iOS called (naturally) iOS 8, fans had various opinions on the operating system: some love the new features, some think that it’s becoming more and more like the Android OS. To tell you the truth, I think that over the years, Apple’s iOS changed for the better, […]

Top casino apps for your Android tablet


Having access to the Internet means that we can go everywhere, even to Las Vegas. I’m not talking about a virtual tour but rather about a way to bring Vegas on your smartphone. There are many reasons one should have at least one casino app installed on his tablet or smartphone. First, these kind of […]

Top PSP games from 2013

top PSP games

Sony’s PSP is a favourite with adults and children alike and is the ideal gaming device to play all your favourite titles on the move. 2013 has been a great year for PSP gamers and at only half way through, there have already been a great number of titles released for play on the go.

PlayStation4 review at launch


After nearly two decades of bringing the world the most exciting gaming experiences, the Japanese tech titan Sony has launched today, 20th February 2013, in New York City the PlayStation4 (PS4) console. Since first glance the presentation was meant to be full of passion as it was brought by several gamer-heads and developers of Sony. […]

Sony launches new PS Vita model


Sony has announced today, 18th February, the launch of three special limited edition versions of the portable console PS Vita and also a brand new model. Also the prices have been reviewed and the shelf-tag has been diminished by up to 50%. Before you get overexcited we have to say that unfortunately this is available […]

Xbox720 rumors break-down

Xbox 720 rumors

After the announcement of the PlayStation 4 launch on 20th February 2013 it was expected to get a reaction from Xbox and it came swiftly.  Microsoft had to respond to Sony’s bold decision to launch PS4 before the new Xbox model (1st time ever) and make sure that PlayStation doesn’t get all the attention.

Most anticipated games of 2013

Most anticipated games of 2013

2013 is announced to be a great year for gamers as we’re in for treats of every kind in the following months. From shooter prequels and sequels to simulation rebirths and new MMORPGs we will enjoy the whole range of action. Here’s a list of the most promising games that are expected to be released […]

PlayStation4 to be launched on 20th February 2013

PS4 launch date

After the guerilla war between Windows and Sony for the next-gen gaming console supremacy, after countless teasers and fake leaks and after bluff-statements from both giants the veil of mystery rises as Sony has announced to launch the PlayStation 4 on 20th February 2013. Even though PS4 was expected to be released after the Xbox […]

Erazer X700 – Gamer Dream by Lenovo

erazer x700 presentation

Lenovo announces the launch of Erazer X700, a PC for the hardcore gamers. The computer is equipped with a Intel Core i7 Extreme processor and a 16 GB DDR3 RAM memory. Erazer X700 is the first Lenovo model with the OneKey function for overclocking which enhances performance and protects the processor from overheating while playing […]

The smallest gaming console in the world

small gaming console

The world of technology is changing really fast, and this change concerns the world of gaming. These days, gaming consoles are becoming faster, slimmer and better than ever. In few years, we will probably not be able to make a difference between movies and video games.