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With ExoMars 2016, the understanding of Mars has made an unprecedented leap


The ExoMars mission in 2016 will soon experience a turning point. Indeed, Wednesday, October 19, the Schiaparelli capsule will land on the Red Planet. As for the satellite TGO, it will fit into the orbit of Mars to study its atmosphere. Franck Montmessin, CNRS research director at the laboratory atmospheres, backgrounds, space observations (Latmos), explains […]

How to resolve the issue of water wastage


Minimising wastage is a must for businesses in today’s competitive marketplace and, as part of your efforts to increase efficiency in your firm, you might want to resolve the issue of water overuse. Cutting your consumption of this precious resource could help you to cut your bills and boost your bottom line. It’s worth noting […]

How to reduce risk in a laboratory environment

Containing a range of potentially harmful substances and dangerous equipment, laboratories are inherently hazardous places. This means that in order to minimise risks to workers, organisations must stick to strict safety procedures. This brief guide covers the basics of danger management in lab environments.

The battery that can be charged in just 26 seconds


The Kickstarter portal probably brought lots of dollars to its founders, but it also created the perfect environment for inventors to get the necessary funding for their projects. One of Kickstarter’s users is Shawn West, and he says that he created the perfect battery: it can be charged in just 26 seconds. This type of […]

How much storage is needed to digitally save a human being?

digital brain

Last week I had the pleasure of watching Transcendence, a sci-fi movie that started from a great idea but failed sublimely on delivery. It reminded me of a book that I read when I was younger – “The Shaddows” by John Saul and it also reminded me of a movie I saw few months ago […]

Communication technology and services for organizations

pri featured

The other day, I visited a large corporation in my city, and I noticed few interesting things about the way my friend that worked there and his colleagues communicate in order to achieve their goals and to finish the projects they are involved in. My first guess was that besides the Internet wires, they needed […]

NASA: growing plants in space is now possible

nasa grow vegetables in space

Let’s face it: astronauts are enduring harsh conditions in order to perform their duty. I’m not talking only about the solitude of being in space for months and the hazardous situations they face every day, but also about what they eat and how they keep their body in great shape. As you may know, there […]

iPhone 6 could have a new name and interesting features


There is a buzz in the blogosphere regarding the upcoming Apple smartphone. We are 9 months away from the release of the next Apple device, the iPhone 6. But many voices state that we may be in for a big surprise. Before going all crazy with the speculations, let’s study the facts. Ever since it […]

Lockheed Martin SR-72: The fastest commercial airplane in the world

the fastest plane on earth

Space tourism is the next big thing, but the companies are not neglecting the transatlantic flights, given the fact that the famous Concorde is still available. The Lockheed Martin, an “American global aerospace, defense, security, and advanced technology company” (Wikipedia) is working on a jet engine that is three times faster than the engines found […]

Liropus minusculus: The new species discovered on Earth

The new species Earth

Tuesday news.  US scientists were able to discover a new species on Earth, a cave dweller that resembles the worms from Men in Black. The minuscule crustacean being is called Liropus minusculus, it has only 0.12 inches and it is compared with the common shrimp because of its bone structure.