Google+ gets on top of Twitter

google+ vs twitter

December is always a great time to measure the trends in about everything except swimsuit wear. The past month has confirmed us the up growing trend of the initially-not-so-appreciated Google+ that seems to have surpassed the US’ most popular Twitter in the global usage charts.

While Facebook still holds by far the most usage-share having about 51% of the social media pool of account users, the fellas at Google+ are approaching a steady and sure growth reaching a 25% mark while Twitter settled around 21% neck-in-neck with YouTube.


To be more specific about number of users Google+ has about 343 million actives while Twitter and YouTube struggle around little under 300 million actives.


Google+ no. 2


More and more people start believing that social platforms are heading to an imminent unification. We’re just very curious to see who has what it takes to give it a winning shape.



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